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Enhancing and impairing effects of stress and cognition

时间:2018-9-25,3:00 pm
报告人:Prof. Dr. Oliver T. Wolf (德国波鸿鲁尔大学)


    Psychosocial Stress influences cognition, affect and behavior. The present talk will review the impact of acute stress on cognition in humans. It will follow the information flow by describing stress effects on perception, attention, executive functions, long-term memory and social cognition. Stress exerts opposing effects on long-term memory consolidation and long-term memory retrieval. The former is enhanced while the latter is impaired. It has been suggested that these bi-directional effects can be used to amplify the efficacy of cognitive behavioral interventions in patients with anxiety disorders. With respect to social cognition evidence is mounting that humans show enhanced pro-social behavior and increased emotional empathy in the aftermath of stress. This might promote receiving social support, a potent stress buffer. 


Speaker information:

    Oliver T. Wolf教授是德国波鸿鲁尔大学心理学院认知心理学系的负责人,自2007年开始在波鸿鲁尔大学成为终身教授,主要研究急性社会压力对学习和记忆的影响。实验室每年发表SCI/SSCI论文20余篇,同时Wolf教授也是 Psychoneuroendocrinology 和 Frontiers in Behavior Neuroscience 杂志的主编之一,以及多家国际期刊的编辑和特约审稿人。

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