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Ram Frost教授、Manuel Carreiras教授交流报告

报告人:Ram Frost教授、Manuel Carreiras教授

报告题目:Statistical learning as an individual ability
报告人:Ram Frost, Depanment of Psychology, The Hebrew University
时间: 2017年5月26日,14:00-15:00

Statistical learning (SL), the ability to extract the distributional properties of sensory input in time and space, is taken to be the main mechanism by which cognitive systems discover the underlying regularities of their environments. SL plays a key role in the segmentation, discrimmation, and categorization of visual and auditory input, shaping the basic representations for a wide range of sensory, motor, and cognitive abilities. As such, SL has become a major theoretical construct in cognitive science. In recent years researchers show increased interest in individual abilities in SL. What determines individuals' efficacy in detecting regularities in sensory input? What does it predict? ls it stable across modalities? We explore these questions by trying to understand the source of variance in performance in SL tasks through novel methodologies. The theoretical implications for a mechanistic explanation of SL and to theories of language learning will be discussed.
Dr. Ram Frost is a Professor of Psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with affiliations to Haskins Laboratories in New Haven, USA, and The Basque Center for Cognition Brain and Language (BCBL) in San Sebastian, Spain. He is a world leading expert on cross-linguistic differences in  reading. His research on reading in Hebrew has changed the prevalent anglocentric theoretical perspectives of reading research, and has changed the educational system of Israel and its methods of teaching reading.

报告题目:Understanding Language in the Brain from the lab to theactual world
报告人:Manuel Carreiras,
BCBL. Basque center on cognition, Brain and Language, Donostia-San Sebastin, Spain IKERBASQUE. Basque Foundation for Science. Bilbao. Spain University of the Basque Country. UPV/EHU. Bilbao. Spain
时间: 2017年5月26日,15:00-16:00

Most of people acquire a first language without effort, but some have difficulties speaking and understanding it, and others learning to read. Most people either learn more than one language from birth or invest quite a lot of time and effort learning a second language. Finally, some people loose part of their linguistic abilities with age or after some brain damage. In this talk I will review the different research lines we are carrying out in the BCBL to understand how we acquire language, how we process language (comprehension and production) and reading in monolingual and bilingual settings, in children with typical and atypical developmental trajectories, in the elderly and in patients with brain damage.
Dr. Manuel Carreiras is the scientific director of the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language and IKERBASQUE research professor. He is the editor in chief of Frontiers in Language Sciences, and associated editor of Language and Cognitive Processes. He has published more than 100 papers in high impact journals in the field. His research has been funded by different research agencies. He is the coordinator of the consolider-ingenio2010 grant entitled COEDUCA and recipient of the ERC advanced grant Bi-Literacy among others.


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