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【俊秀青年俱乐部】Michaels Landy博士

时间:15:45-17:15, 2017年3月23日
报告人:Michaels Landy

Sensory cue integration: Beyond vision


Michaels Landy

Professor of Psychology and Neural Science,

Department of Psychology,

New York University


时间:   15:45-17:15, 2017年3月23日

地点:   中北校区俊秀楼107报告厅



Recent work on sensory cue integration suggests that given multiple sources of possibly noisy information about the world, human behavior can often best be described as near-optimal relative to an ideal Bayesian observer. That is, humans take into account the uncertainty of each source of information as well as prior information (e.g., knowledge of statistics of the world) and infer the most likely scene that gave rise to the sensory signals. Most recent work on sensory cue integration has centered on visual and auditory cues. I will describe several ongoing studies involving spatial localization using haptic (touch) and proprioceptive (body sense) cues.



I have an enduring interest in the use of computational techniques to study human vision.  For this work, I received the Ph.D. from the Department of Computer and Communication Sciences of the University of Michigan in 1981, having worked primarily with John Holland. In 1984 I joined the faculty at NYU, and have continued to work on problems in visual perception, concentrating on perception of depth and texture.


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