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1、X. Guo, L. Zheng, W. Zhang, L. Zhu, J. Li, Q. Wang, Z. Dienes and Z. Yang (2012). Empathic neural responses to others pain depend on monetary reward. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. 7(5): 535-541 (IF:4.482)   SCI&SSCI       华师大心理学院第一单位

2、Y. Hu and K. Ericsson (2012). Memorization and recall of very longest lists accounted for within the long- term working memory. Cognitive Psychology. 64(4):235-66 (IF:3.99 )      SCI&SSCI      华师大心理学院第一单位

3、L. Zhu, X. Guo #, J. Li, L. Zheng, Q. Wang and Z. Yang (2012). Hippocampal Activity is Associated with Self-Descriptiveness Effect in Memory, Whereas Self-Reference Effect in Memory Depends on Medial Prefrontal Activity. Hippocampus. 22(7):1540-52 (IF: 4.609)        SCI&SSCI  华师大磁共振重点实验室第一单位

4、J. Fan , H. Meng #, B. Zhao and T. Patel (2012) Further validation of a US adult social self-efficacy inventory in Chinese populations. Journal of Career Assessment. 20(4): 463-478  (IF: 1.639)   SSCI   华师大心理学院第一单位

5、S. Jiang, L. Zhu, X. Guo #, W. Ma, Z. Yang and Z. Dienes (2012). Unconscious structural knowledge of tonal symmetry: Tang poetry redefines limits of implicit learning. Consciousness and Cognition. 21(1):476-86 (IF: 2.179 )         SSCI   华师大心理学院第一单位

6、L. Li, Arana Wu, and X. Li (2012). Constructing Self-Identity: Minority Students' Adaptation Trajectories in a Chinese University. Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Science. 46(3): 335-356 (IF: 2.58)        SSCI      华师大心理学院第一单位

7、W. Pang (2012). Actiotope Model of Giftedness: A Useful Model for Examining Gifted Education in China’s Universities. High Ability Studies.23(1): 89-91(IF:0.704 )       SSCI      华师大心理学院第一单位

8、W. Pang, & J. Plucker, (2012). Recent Transformations in China’s Economic, Social, and Education Policies for Promoting Innovation and Creativity. Journal of Creative Behavior. 46(4): 247-273 (IF=1.1)     SSCI   华师大心理学院第一单位

9、Y. Song # and Y. Hakoda (2012) The interference of local over global information processing in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder of the inattentive type. Brain Dev, 34(4): 308-17. (IF:1.979 )       SCI&SSCI  华师大心理学院第一单位

10、Y. Song #, T Kawabe, Y Hakoda, X Du (2012) Do the eyes have it? Extraction of identity and positive expression from another’s eyes in autism, probed using “Bubbles”. Brain Dev, 34(7):584-90 (IF:1.979 )                      SCI&SSCI  华师大心理学院第一单位

11、Y. Song. (2012) Selective attention to facial emotion and identity in children with autism: Evidence for global-identity and local-emotion. Autism Research, 5(4):282-5. (IF:3.09)                       SCI&SSCI  中华师大心理学院第一单位

12、J. Yang #, J. He, Y. Gu. (2012). The implicit measurement of destination image: The application of implicit association tests. Tourism Management, 33(1): 50-52. (IF:2.62 )     SSCI      华师大心理学院第一单位

13、T. Wang, J. Ding , G. Xu, Yu. Zeng, S. Xiao. (2012). Efficacy of Yi-Qi-Yang-Xin Chinese Herb Combined with Cognitive Therapy in the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorders. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, 5(10):818-822.     SSCI   华师大心理学院第一单位

14、S.S. Place, P.M. Todd, JY Zhuang, L. Penke, J.B. Asendorpf. (2012). Judging romantic interest of others from thin slices is a cross-cultural ability. Evolution & Human Behavior, 33(5): 547-550.     SSCI   

15、J. Fan #, D. Gao, S. A. Carroll, F. J. Lopez, T. S. Tian, & H. Meng, (2012). Testing a new procedure for reducing faking on personality tests within selection contexts. Journal of Applied Psychology. 97(4):866-80          SSCI    



1、L. Wang, X. Li, S. Hsiao, M. Bodner, F. Lenz and Y. Zhou (2012) Behavioral choice-related neuronal activity in monkey primary somatosensory cortex in a haptic delay task. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 24(7): 1634-44. (IF: 5.38)       SCI            华师大第一单位

2、L. Wang, X. Li *, S. Hsiao, M. Bodner, F. Lenz and Y. Zhou (2012). Persistent neuronal firing in SI cortex during instructed delays between haptic stimuli in the absence of working-memory requirement. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 24(3): 664-676. (IF: 5.38)  SCI            华师大第一单位

3、Y. Ku, B. Hong, W. Zhou, M. Bodner, and Y-D. Zhou, (2012). Sequential neural processes in abacus mental addition: an EEG and fMRI case study. Plos One 7: e36410.     (IF:4.092)         SCI  华师大心理学院第一单位

4、Ding XP, Du X, Lei D, Hu CS, Fu G #, & Chen G. (2012) The Neural Correlates of Identity Faking and Concealment: An fMRI Study. PLoS ONE 7(11): e48639.     (IF:4.092)      SCI  华师大心理学院第一单位



1、段婧,刘永芳,何琪. (2012). 决策者角色及相关变量对风险偏好的影响. 心理学报, 44, (3): 369−376.

2、房慧聪, 周琳. (2012). 性别、寻路策略与导航方式对寻路行为的影响. 心理学报, 44, (8): 1058−1065.



1、Xiaowen Li. (2012). Peer Relation. In Jaan Valsiner.(Ed.). Oxford Handbook of Culture and Psychology. OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS INC. 2236-2288.

2、Liu, W., Yang, G., Zhou, Z., Zhou, Y-D. , Li, G., Peterson, B. S., Xu D. (2012). Improving the Correction of Eddy Current Induced Distortion in Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Data by Recognizing and Excluding Ventricles. Comp Med Imag Graph. 36: 542-551                  

3、J. M. Quick, R. K. Atkinson, & L. Lin, (2012). Empirical taxonomies of gameplay enjoyment: Personality and video game preference. International Journal of Game-based Learning. 2(3),11-31. 




1、Fengying Li, Lei Zhu, Xiuyan Guo # (2012). Implicit learning of mappings between forms and metaphorical meanings. Consciousness and Cognition (IF=2.308)  (in press)      SSCI  华师大心理学院第一单位

2、X. Guo, et al., (2012). Unconsciously Learning Task-irrelevant Perceptual Sequences. Consciousness and Cognition (IF=2.308)  (in press)   SSCI华师大心理学院第一单位

3、GuangHai Wang, GuangXing Xu, ZhiJun Liu, Ning Lu , Rui Ma & EnTao Zhang. Sleep patterns and sleep disturbances among Chinese school-aged children: prevalence and associated factors. Sleep Medicine (in press)  SSCI       华师大心理学院第一单位


1、Q. Cai, et al., PNAS accepted


1、徐丹妮,张佳悦,李先春 面孔性别辨认中返回抑制效应的性别差异 心理学报(已接受)。

2、仲轶璐 刘永芳 金钱竞拍任务上的风险偏好:自尊水平和性别的作用. 心理学报(已接受)。


1、Liu, X., Liu, W., Chen, W., Zhou, Y-D. , Peterson, B. S., Xu D. (2012). A Locally Linear Least Squares Method for Simultaneously Smoothing DWI Data and Estimating Diffusion Tensors. Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering (in press).



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