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1) C. Deng, M. Liu, W. Wei, R. Chan and J. Das (2011) Latent factor structure of the Das-Naglieri Cognitive Assessment System: A confirmatory factor analysis in a Chinese setting.Research in Developmental Disabilities, 32 (5): 1988-1997  (IF: 4.475)

2) Z. Zhou, W. Liu, J. Cui, X. Wang, D. Arias, Y. Wen, R. Bansal, X. Hao, Z. Wang, B. Peterson and D. Xu (2011) Automated artifact detection and removal for improved tensor estimation in motion-corrupted DTI data sets using the combination of local binary patterns and 2D partial least squares. Magn Reson Imaging, 29(2):2030-242. (IF: 2.04)

3) Z. Zhou, X. Wang, N. Klahr, W. Liu, D.Arias, K. Von Deneen, Y. Wen, D. Xu and Y. Liu. (2011) A conditional Granger causality model approach for group analysis in functional magnetic resonance imaging. Magn Reson Imaging, 29(3):418-433. (IF: 2.04)


4) X. Liu, W. Liu, X. Yan, Y. Zhou, J. Zhu, B. Peterson and D. Xu (2011)  Medical Image Segemntation using Distance Weighted C-V Model. Lecture Notes of Computer Science, 70(12):110-117(IF:0.415 )

5) J. Xu, Z. He and T. Ooi (2011) A binocular perimetry study of the causes and implications of sensory eye dominance.  Vision Research, 51(23-24):2386-97. (IF: 2.33)

6) C. Li,S. Dong,H. Wang and Yinghe Hu (2011) Microarray analysis of gene expression changes in the brains of NR2B-induced memory-enhanced mice. Neuroscience, 197:121-131 (IF:3.215 )

7)  X. Guo, L. Zheng, L. Zhu, Z. Yang, C. Chen, L. Zhang, W. Ma and Z. Dienes (2011) Acquisition of conscious and unconscious knowledge of semantic prosody. Consciousness and Cognition, 20: 417–425;(IF: 2.179)

8) W. Chen, X. Guo, J. Tang, L. Zhu, Z. Yang, Z. Dienes. Unconscious structural knowledge of form–meaning connections.  Consciousness and Cognition, 20: 1751–1760;(IF: 2.179)

9) Z. Ren‚ D. Wang‚ A. Yang‚ M. Li and L. Higgins (2011) The Relationship between Implicit and Explicit Measures of Adult Attachment to Mothers in a Chinese Context. Social Behavior and Personality-An international Journal‚ 39(5)‚ 701-712 (IF:0.32 )

10) Y. Hu, D. Wang and G. Xu (2011) The item method directed forgetting effect in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): A computer stimulate. International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications, 5(12):218-224. (IF: 0.09)

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