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Culture in Educational Interventions in Globalized Worlds: Meeting of Chinese and European practices



Workshop in Shanghai, China

November 4-6, 2015

Co-organized by

Niels Bohr Centre of Cultural Psychology, Aalborg Universitet, Denmark

East China Normal University, Shanghai, PR of China

Cultural Life Course Study Centre, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

with participation from Sigmund- Freud-Privatuniversität (Wien, Austria  and Berlin, Germany) and University of Bergen (Norway)



Culture in Educational Interventions in Globalized Worlds:

Meeting of Chinese and European practices


Aims and Topics for discussion:

  1. Cultural psychological phenomena in a globalizing world. In this idea, complex, various problems children and teachers are faced with are discussed with the focus on cultural transformation. Psychological phenomena and mechanisms will be discussed mainly from three seminars to lay the foundation for further cultural interventions.  The practice basis for the discussions will be visiting two Chinese schools (a primary school of children whose families have moved to city from rural areas, and a reformative middle school) followed by a joint analysis of the educational contexts.

1.1 Problem-focused intervention through cultural remediation: The focus on problem-focused intervention mainly comes from case studies, including ecological analysis of ADHD, multi-method motivational intervention on self-handicapping, group intervention on self-identity, a retrospective case study about an adopted girl’s positive development in her new family and musical intervention in a reformative school.  A special focus will be given to Dynamic Assessment procedures and their elaborations.

1.2 Guidance of potential development in educational settings—Research on children’s cultural affordances: The aim of this seminar is to explore the potential of students in school practice and literary activity. The seminar will have special emphasis on children’s cultural affordance including activation of imagination and metaphor sense following Piaget’s developmental process.

1.3 Intervention to improve teachers’ development: Cultural mechanisms of professional life course : Different approaches and perspective to promote teachers’ development, including teaching strategies and teacher’s identity development will be focused. The main contents of teaching strategies will include education for life skills, targeted teaching strategies for some special students. In addition, the interventions will pay attention to stimulating the teachers’ sensitivity and enrichment of teachers’ I-Positions.

2Research methodologies to capture the intervention process. We will concentrate on the abstraction of methodological issues from previous practical researches. The discussion will be illuminative for the development of cultural psychology and instructive for further research.


The discussion of further collaborations and preparation of an international volume for the Springer series CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY OF IN EDUCATION (Pina Marsico, Series Editor)



The Workshop Programme

Nov.4th (Wednesday) 8:30-17:00

8:30-9:00  Welcome address from Dean of the school

Yongdi Zhou

Opening: set up workshop tasks and organization

Xiaowen Li

9:00-10:10  Lecture:


Jaan Valsiner

10:30-11:30 Travel to Wenxin Primary School (Migrant workers’ children’s School)   

11:30-12:00 Lunch time

13:00-13:45 Visit a class: Play-based constructive writing

13:45-14:20 Looking around the school & Tea break

14:20-15:45 Discussion – experiences from the visit

Discussion led by Pina Marsico, Meike Watzlawik, Thomas Szulevicz and Kristine Jensen de Lopez

15:45-17:20 Travel back to ECNU

18:00     Dinner

Nov.5th (Thursday) 8:30-17:00

8:30-9:10  Educational issues in Globalization: Cultural conflicts and challenges

(Discussion on migration in Europe and school education, family education, etc in cultural transformative context in China) 

Discussion led by Sanna Schliewe, Ling Li, Qi Zhang, Min He

9:10-10:10 Discussion: Intervention into teachers’ life-course professional development: How to approach the intervention tasks?

 Discussion led by Meike Watzlawik , Pernille Hviid, Sanna Schliewe, and Dominik Mihalits

10:10-10:30 Tea Break

10:30-11:30 Discussion:

Continued: Chinese practices of intervention for teachers’ development

Discussion led by Qi Zhang ,Lihua Zhou, Zhengtao Li, Xiaowen Li

11:30-13:00 Lunch time

13:00-15:10 Discussion:

Guidance of potential development in educational settings—Research on children’s cultural affordances

Discussion led by Jiaying Lu, Jing Su, Jiashu Li, Yanjun Cai

15:10-15:30 Tea break

15:30-17:00 Problem-focused intervention through cultural remediation

Discussion led by Pernille Hviid, Thomas Szulevicz, Shuzhen Hu, Shuangshuang Xu, Aruna Wu

18:00   Dinner



8:30-9:00  Discussion: Problem-focused intervention through cultural remediation

          Discussion led by Ge Gong, Wujun Wu.

9:00-10:00 Cultural psychological perspective on changes and intervention mechanism in cultural practices

Discussion led by Kristiine Jensen de Lopez, and Pina Marsico

10:00-10:30 Travel to Cheng Yuan Middle School (A reformatory school)             

10:30-11:30 Educational drama:角色介绍&表演(15分钟),观众与学生互动(10分钟),戏剧的介绍(张骞)以及学生在排练过程中的变化(李特)+补充及讨论(35-40分钟)+校长总结讲话。

11:30-13:00 Lunch time & Back to ECNU

13:00-14:00 Discussion: Cultural psychological perspective on changes- The central role of imagination

Discussion led by Luca Tateo

14:00-14:20 Tea break

14:20-16:00 Discussion:

          Methodology of research in intervention process

          Discussion led by Pernille Hviid, Meike Watzlawik, Sanna Schliewe, and Jaan Valsiner

16:00-17:00 Discussion:

          The open-systemic nature of educational settings

          Discussion led by Thomas Szulevicz, Laerke Kure, and Jaan Valsiner

17:00-18:00 Summary, future research and collaboration

          Discussion led by Giuseppina Marsico, QI Zhang, Pernille Hviid, Meike Watzlawik and Weiguo Pang.

18:20     Dinner


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